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Independent Mastering


Holographic Technology

Sept 4th, 2013 Stamper Technology licenses holographic technology to 3DCD for use on optical discs.


Our technology is available to other disc manufacturers who would like to embed holograms similar to those used on XBOX and Microsoft Discs.


Contact us on our Contact Page for more information.


We believe in continuous improvement for the optical disc industry.


NanoArchiving using our patented process to place 81,000 pages of hard copy text on a glass master that can be made into a stamper for mass replication.  Innovation for the next generation of replication.  See more at our facebook page at is the internet portal for online access to Stamper Technology, Inc





Eclipse Premastering



Mastering Suite 1

  • Independent Source for Stampers

  • 100Mbps Bandwidth with Upscalable Broadband Ethernet

  • Eclipse Tested to Ensure Format Integrity

  • 100% of All Stampers Tested

  • 99.98% On Time Delivery (or earlier) Record


  • On Time Guaranteed or It's FREE


Mastering Suite 2



8 Cell Plating



3 Cell Plating



Stamper/Replica Testers






Plasma Oven



Digital Instruments AFM




Diffraction Order Measurement



Inspection Station