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Main Line: +1 585 247 8370
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232 Wallace Way
Rochester, NY 14624
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Independent Mastering


Holographic Technology

Sept 4th, 2013 Stamper Technology licenses holographic technology to 3DCD for use on optical discs.


Our technology is available to other disc manufacturers who would like to embed holograms similar to those used on XBOX and Microsoft Discs.


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We believe in continuous improvement for the optical disc industry.


NanoArchiving using our patented process to place 81,000 pages of hard copy text on a glass master that can be made into a stamper for mass replication.  Innovation for the next generation of replication.  See more at our facebook page at


Stamper Technology, Inc
Rochester Technology Park, Building 9
232 Wallace Way
Rochester, NY 14624
Phone: +1 (585) 247-8370
Fax: +1 (585) 247-8533

ROCHESTER TECHNOLOGY PARK is the premier Upstate New York, 500 acre campus consisting of 4,000,000 square feet of office, industrial, research, distribution and manufacturing space located within Rochester New York's hot "Technology Corridor." The entire Park includes 11 connected buildings and offers a corporation the ability to locate a large operation in one location where the quality of life is high and cost of living is well below much of the nation. The Greater Rochester area is home to one of the largest concentrations of scientists and engineers in the country. The Tech Park provides its tenants with the ability to operate in an area where the quality of life is high and cost of living is well below much of the nation helping any company maintain its competitiveness in today’s business environment.